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​598th Transportation Brigade
“Warrior Logistics – In Motion!”


Mailing Address:
598th Trans BDE (SDDC)
Unit 6713
APO AE 09136-6713

Commercial Address:
598th Trans BDE
Bldg #216
67681 Sembach-Heuburg, DE

DSN:  314-552-5000



The 598th Transportation Brigade plans, executes, and integrates strategic surface deployment and distribution capabilities to deliver and sustain the Armed forces in support of EUCOM and AFRICOM requirements.




​838th Transportation Battalion
Mailing Address:
838th Trans BN (SDDC)
Unit 27204
APO AE 09054-7204
​839th Transportation Battalion
Mailing Address:
839th Trans BN
Unit 31301, Box 17
APO AE 09613-1301

Commercial Address:
SDDC, 838th Trans BN (SDDC)
BLDG 3200
Kleber Kaserne
Kaiserslautern DE 67657

DSN:  314-523-7505

BN CDR:  LTC William Prince
BN CSM:  SGM Anna Springstube

Commercial Address:
Commando U.S. Army Camp Darby
839th Trans BN, Depot Area, BLDG 5130
Via Aurelia (Tombolo)
56128 Tirrenia (PI)

Comm:  (+39) 050-54-8521

BN CDR:  LTC Scott Wyatt
BN CSM:  SGM Emanuel Stephens


​Brigade Commander

COL Joshua Hirsch

​Brigade CSM


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