BLOC Requests

HQ, SDDC is the sole authority for creating, issuing, deactivating and reactivating of BLOC's.

  • A BLOC will be issued to transportation offices authorized by their Service/Agency Headquarters to  issue Bills of Lading (BLs);
  • A BLOC will be issued to transportation offices required to establish a Third Party Payment System (TPPS) account for payment of Small Package Express (SPE) and other shipments;
  • The generic BLOC "TDRX" will be issued to those requiring access  to GFM-ETA Discrepancy Identification System (DIS) for preparation of TDRs and access to the Transportation Facilities Guide (TFG) that do not have authorized access by their respective Service/Agency Headquarters to issue BLs;
  • SDDC will assist DoD Activities with requests for amendments, updates and general BLOC information.

Please use the BLOC Request Link below to process your activities BLOC request .

Create BLOC Request

POC:  Comm: (618) 220-5914 /DSN: 770-5914, or Email: 

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