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Cost Dispute Resolution Program

The Cost Dispute Resolution Program is intended to provide DOD shippers or carriers with recommendations when disputes arise regarding domestic surface freight of DOD property.  Our goal is to provide both parties with the information needed to resolve any disputes as soon as possible through a comprehensive review of the shipment and applicable policies.  SDDC's recommendations do not represent any form of binding arbitration.

Customers may send a request for a review and recommendation to the SDDC G3 Cost Questions mailbox at:

USARMY Scott AFB SDDC Mailbox Cost Questions usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.cost-questions@army.mil

In order to best serve our customers in a timely manner, please provide as much information about the shipment as possible.  This may include (but not limited to):

  • GFM Shipment Identification Number (if available)
  • Bills of Lading
  • Route Order #s
  • POC Name and Phone Number (both shipper and carrier)
  • Any emails, communications, or remarks that would clarify the costing issue


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