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***SDDC (FCRP) registration information***


The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) is not

currently accepting domestic motor transportation service provider (TSP)

registrations until further notice.  This affects domestic motor TSPs only

(common, contract, logistics management, freight forwarders, and brokers).

Registration for other modes will continue to be accepted (barge, ocean,

pipeline, and rail carriers).  Any future Open Season registration will be

advertised on this public website and in the Federal Register.  Information

regarding registration requirements can be found by reviewing the Welcome

Package on this site, or be contacting us at

usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.carrier-registrations@mail.mil.  All carriers that are

currently registered, please continue to send all updated documents (bonds,

insurance) to our SDDC email at



Provide traffic management expertise for domestic movement solutions and capabilities to meet DOD customer requirements for quality and velocity at the best-value.


   - Facilitate rapid emergency response to in-transit accidents/incidents to minimize impact

   - Monitor in-transit movement for security issues via programmed exception reporting

   - Provide incident/emergency information for DoD senior leader awareness as required


This is the history of the Defense Transportation Tracking System.​

The Cost Questions Program is intended to provide shippers or carriers with answers to freight costing questions. This service may be used to assist in any cost disputes that might arise between a shipper and carrier, but does not represent any form of binding arbitration. Once SDDC receives a cost question, the follow actions are performed:
·         Original Rate Request is Reviewed
·         Bill of Lading is Reviewed
·         PowerTrack Billing is Reviewed
·         Shipment is Re-Costed through the Global Freight Management (GFM) Host system
·         Cost Question Requester is provided with a response to include what the actual shipment cost should be
Our goal is to provide you with the information that you need to resolve any disputes as soon as possible, but no later than 5 Government Business Days after the cost question request is received. In order to submit a Cost Question to SDDC please click on the e-mail link below and provide the following information:  
Send questions to the following email address SDDC Cost Questions, please include the information listed below in your email:
·         Shipment Request Number (if available)
·         Bill of Lading Number(s)
·         POC Name and Phone Number
·         GBLOCs
·         Route Order #s
·         Any remarks that would clarify the costing issue

Our aim is to equip all carriers with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully and reliably DELIVER freight in support of our Nation's warfighters.​


The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) will conduct an Open Season, effective 03 June 19 thru 29 Feb 20.  Please be aware that applications will not be accepted prior to 03 Jun 2019.  Open Season is for domestic motor Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) only.  Registration for other modes will continue to be accepted (barge, ocean, pipeline).  Prospective carriers can utilize the FCRP Requirements Checklist in the SDDC Welcome Package as a guide.  The Welcome Package is found to the right of  this announcement under 'Links'.  Interested TSPs should read the entire Welcome Package prior to registration to ensure all requirements can be met.  There are no alternatives or waivers available.  For registration questions, please contact the FCRP Team at usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.carrier-registrations@mail.mil or by phone at 618-220-6470.