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DoD Cargo Recovery Effort (GOCARE) Program

SDDC is the program manager for the DOD GOCARE program. GOCARE is administered in accordance with Chapter 209; paragraph C, of DoD 4500.9-R, Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) Part II, Cargo Movement.  The GOCARE PMs are the primary link between the government and the TSP industry. 

Carrier are required to adhere to the GOCARE guidelines.  In order to expedite the processing of astray freight, SDDC requires all TSPs to submit terminal information for all locations to include address, POC name, telephone number and Email.  Terminal information should also be added to the Transportation Facilities Guide (TFG) within the Global Freight Management (GFM) System.

The continued success and improvement of the program depends upon the mutual cooperation between TSP and the DOD.  Participation as a chairperson or committee member is an additional duty.  Supervisors should be made aware of this and ensure the GOCARE participants are allowed the necessary time and means to perform these duties in a manner beneficial to DoD.

GOCARE Brochure 1.pdfGOCARE Brochure 1
GOCARE Brochure 2.pdfGOCARE Brochure 2
GOCARE Installation Locations.pdfGOCARE Installation Locations
GOCARE Guidelines.pdfGOCARE Guidelines
TSP Location List 3 Nov 2017.pdfTSP Location List 3 Nov 2017
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