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Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES)
​The Integrated Computerized Deployment System (ICODES) is a fully integrated information system that provides multi-modal load planning capabilities to Department of Defense (DOD) Agencies and Services. The combined functionality of ship, air, truck, rail, and yard planning services provides commanders, planners, and operators with a single platform capable of producing and evaluating load plans and alternative actions for various sized units, employing various modes of transportation, in support of peacetime or wartime operations. ICODES consumes cargo and passenger information from a variety of DOD manifesting systems and, in return, provides load planning, report generation, and forecasting services to USTRANSCOM and its component commands, DOD customers, and other authorized users.

 ICODES Restricted Files

​​Note: You must have a valid ICODES-Enterprise account. Click Here to request access.

The ICODES Restricted File Downloads section below contains ICODES Support, Newsletters, User Guides, Installation Guides, Software Patches, ORACLE Patches, and Conveyance and Reference Library Updates.  Please use the scroll bar to find your document.

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 ICODES Conveyance and Reference Library Updates

​Conveyances: See the ICODES Conveyance Repository (CR) User Guide in the ICODES User Guides section for instructions.

Reference Libraries: See the ICODES Data Manager (DM) User Guide in the ICODES User Guides section for instructions.

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