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Request for Service Requirements (RSR) and System Change Request (SCR) Customer Satisfaction Survey
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1.  What organization do you represent?


2.  How many system change requests have you submitted for SDDC systems?


3.  If you have submitted a change request, how long (on average) did it take to resolve?

Less than 6 months

4.  Do you have any outstanding system change requests?

No outstanding requests at this time

5.  Do you feel SDDC responds to your requests for service in a timely manner?

Somewhat agree

6.  Are you satisfied with the systems change request process?


7.  How well do you understand the process to submit IT system change requests through SDDC?

Yes, I understand the process

8.  Do you feel SDDC captured your requirement precisely, communicated a current status, and provided a positive customer experience?


9.  How can SDDC improve the IT Systems Requirements Change Process to better suit your needs? Check your TOP 2:

More User Testing; Frequent Communication

10.  Any additional comments regarding your main concerns, improvements/updates, or areas where SDDC is successful/not successful?
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