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BMO One-Time-Only Team
Use to submit a One-Time-Only rate request to the Booking Management Oversight (BMO) Team, when no rates are available in existing contracts to support the mission
Motor, Rail
BMO Team
Use for general Booking Management Oversight (BMO) questions
Motor, Rail
Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS)
​Use for assistance with, or questions about, DTTS
618-220-5060/770Motor, Rail
Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS) 24-Hour Customer Support Line
​Use for assistance with, or questions about, DTTS
1-800-826-0794Motor, Rail
DoD Cargo Recovery Effort (GOCARE) Program
Use to contact the SDDC Cargo Recovery Effort (GOCARE) Team to expedite processing of astray freight.
Motor, Rail, Ocean/Barge
Domestic Freight Services Team & Freight Routing
Use for assistance with the Bill of Lading (BLOC) request or for general Motor, Rail, Domestic Barge and Pipeline questions
Motor, Rail
Domestic Operations Helpdesk
1-800-462-2176 Opt 4Motor, Rail
Freight Carrier Registration Program (FCRP)
​Used to contact the FCRP team for any domestic commercial carrier that wants to haul freight for the Gov
Motor, Rail, Ocean/Barge, Air
Use to send in the completed comment matrix, for assistance with the MFTURP Adjudication process, for questions or comments regarding the MFTURP-1 or to request a copy of a previous version of the MFTURP
Motor, Rail, Ocean/Barge, Pipeline, Air
SDDC Advisories Team
​Use to contact SDDC for Motor, Rail, Ocean/Barge and Pipelne Advisories
Motor, Rail, Ocean/Barge, Air