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 Freight Carrier Registration Program (FCRP)

The SDDC is accepting registrations for all transportation modes. Prospective motor, rail or pipeline carriers can utilize the SDDC FCRP Requirements Checklist in the SDDC Welcome Package (below) as a guide. Air carriers, please refer to the USTC FCRP Carrier registration letter (below). Interested Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) should read the entire Welcome Package prior to registration to ensure all requirements can be met. There are no alternatives or waivers available to the registration requirements.

Carriers MUST have 3 consecutive years of an active, uninterrupted, DOT operating authority in FMCSA. No exceptions to this policy. Ensure authorities applied for match what is in FMCSA (i.e. if you only have Broker authority do not apply for Common (FAK)).

Motor Brokers, Logistics Companies, and Surface Forwards are required to have a performance bond in accordance with the requirements outlined in Section 5 of the Welcome Package. All carriers requiring a performance bond must obtain a separate bond for the DOD. The bond used for FMCSA will not be accepted.

Note: The word "carrier" refers to all TSPs, including Common (FAK), Brokers, Logistics Companies, and Surface Forwarders.

 Review this Documentation Before Registering