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 MFTURP-1 Program

​The Military Freight Traffic Unified Rules Publication (MFTURP-1) establishes policy, prescribes rules and describes responsibilities for motor, rail, water, pipeline, air and tank-truck Transportation Service Providers (TSP). These rules assist TSP in providing safe, reliable and “Best Value” service to Department of Defense (DoD) shippers.

The MFTURP-1 is updated on a three-year cycle. Stakeholders will be notified of rewrites, updates, comment periods and adjudication action via an SDDC Customer Advisory. Off-cycle publication may occur as needed. Change documents will be posted below.

For assistace with this process, or to send in a completed comment matrix, email the MFTURP Team.

 Customer Use

Comments must be submitted using the Comment Matrix posted below. Download and then annotate as prescribed. Provide exact verbiage proposal(s) to include paragraph number, line number, page number, rationale & system impact/resource implications and POC information. Failure to provide this information may impact the final publication date. Comments submitted in any other format will not be accepted.

The 2024 Comment period runs from 29 January 24 – 8 March 24. All comments and input must be received by 8 March 2024. Submit the Comment Matrix via email to the MFTURP Team.

Blank Comment Matrix
MFTURP-1 First Draft 1-22-24
MFTURP-1 First Round Comments Non-concur Working Responses CRM 5.16.23
MFTURP-1 Second Draft 5.14.24
MFTURP-1 Section A USTRANSCOM Proposed Changes 1.17.24
MFTURP-1 Section F USTRANSCOM Proposed Changes 1.17.24
SDDC MFTURP-1 Available for Review and Comment period CA 24 01 29 0013
Summary of Changes 5.14.24
2022 - Comment Matrix Final Revamp Responses
2022 - Comment Matrix Items 5 Response
2022 - Comments Matrix - Deficit Language
2022 - Comments Matrix - Final Second Draft Comments as of 23-03-22
2022 - Customer Advisory - Release of MFTURP-1
2022 - MFTRUP-1 Draft 2 - Released for Review 12-2021
2022 - Proposed Changes to MFTRUP-1 Draft 2 Section CII Item 201 Demurrage
2022 - Proposed Changes to MFTURP-1 Additional Justification for Section BI Item 5 Transit Time
2022 - Proposed Changes to MFTURP-1 Section BI Item 5 Transit Time
2022 - Proposed Deficit Weight Rating Addition 4-24-22
2022 - Summary of Changes to MFTRUP-1 - Second Draft
2022 - Summary of Changes to MFTURP-1 - Item 201 - Demurrage
2022 - Summary of Changes to MFTURP-1 as of 10-06-22
2022 - Summary of Changes to MFTURP-1 as of 23-06-22