Modeling Requirements

 Modeling Requirements

​SDDCTEA has collection of modeling capabilities employed by SDDCTEA to assess the transportability characteristics of military equipment in virtual environments. The following paragraphs describe the system models required for conducting typical Transportability simulations. Files can be transferred to SDDCTEA via file-transfer-protocol "ftp" or mailed to us by CD. Please direct transportability questions to us at

3D Modeling

To conduct transportability clearance and transporter compatibility analyses for a vehicle or other item of equipment we require three dimensional computer aided design (3D CAD) models. Preferred format is the current commercial version of Solid Edge from Siemens. Solid Edge also has model translators for ParaSolids (*.x_b or *.x_t), STEP (*.step, *.stp), ACIS (.sat), and IGES (*.iges, *.igs) translations. It also has translators for ProEngineer, Solid Works, and CATIA however previously mentioned formats are preferred. In absence of 3D CAD models we can build models from engineering drawings of the equipment, subject to SDDCTEA-assigned priority.

Structural Analysis

To conduct finite element analysis (FEA) of MIL-STD-209 provision pull testing, we require detailed design information (3D CAD model or engineering drawings) of the tiedown and lifting hardware and supporting structures. We also require material property data including Poisson's ration, minimum yield strength, and tensile strength. Structural analyses performed by outside sources must be submitted for review to verify loading and constraint validity to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-209.

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