Ports for National Defense

 Ports for National Defense

The Ports for National Defense (PND) Program’s primary mission is to identify and assess the adequacy and responsiveness of defense-important CONUS port infrastructure to support DoD deployment requirements. We do this by maintaining comprehensive PND studies for each formally designated Strategic Seaport and each identified Alternate Seaport. These PND studies evaluate to the sufficiency of port access (highway, rail, and water), port infrastructure (gate, roads, berths, material handling equipment, etc.) and cargo throughput capabilities to meet DoD’s needs. Additionally, PND works with SDDC port commanders to identify alternatives to overcome infrastructure and/or equipment shortfalls and resolve any port-related issues. PND also provides timely engineering analysis of Strategic Seaports during exercises or deployment operations. PND provides SDDC with the engineering expertise necessary to validate operational strategies and advocate for proposed port infrastructure improvement plans. This expertise enables SDDC and USTRANSCOM to better influence funding decisions in a fiscally constrained environment. Finally, PND works in close coordination with the partner agencies/organizations of the National Port Readiness Network.
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