Equipment Characteristics Data

 Equipment Characteristics Data

In support of U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), SDDCTEA is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and updating the data within the Department of Army Equipment Characteristics Database (DAECD). The DAECD is specifically oriented to unit movement transportability/Deployability considerations. It contains dimensional, weight, cube, and airlift certification information for Army Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) end-items, Navy Table of Allowance (TOA) equipment for the Naval Construction Force (NCF), most major end-items in the SB 700-20 (Army Adopted/Other Items Selected for Authorization/List of Reportable Items), and several Air Force items. Staff, command, and field organizations use the data for standard reference in developing and reporting movement requirements. The data supports Army and Joint strategic deployment planning, forming the basis for characteristics within the Army portion of the Joint Planning and Execution System (JOPES) Type Unit Characteristics (TUCHA) reference file. SDDCTEA makes DAECD data available through its hardcopy publication (TB 55-46-1), and the online query capability.

U.S. Transportation Command (TRANSCOM) requested SDDCTEA make the DAECD consistent with the DOD Standard Transportable Logical Data Model (TLDM). This was accomplished in Mar 03 which resulted in the DAECD becoming the Joint Equipment Characteristics Database (JECD). The JECD supports more efficient maintenance and distribution of information used by all services in deployment planning.

Two ways to access Equipment Characteristics Data:

  • TB 55-46-1 PDF Document - Click to Download
  • JECD Online Application - Application is accessible under the SDDC ETA (Electronic Transportation Acquisition) Application. Click to visit ETA.
    • If you already have an ETA Account, click on "Login". If you don't have
      an account, click on "New User Registration".
    • Once logged in, click on "Request Additional Applications" on the bottom
    • Scroll to JECD, choose "Guest", and choose "Generate Request Form" at
      the bottom.
    • Fill in fields and click Submit. The Administrators will grant your
      access soon.

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