Rapid Course of Action Analysis Tool

 Rapid Course of Action Analysis Tool (RCAT)

‚ÄčThe Rapid Course of Action (COA) Analysis tool (RCAT) was originally designed and developed by Raytheon/BBN and Roth Cognitive Engineering under the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Cognitive Visualization, Alerting, and Optimization (CVAO) Research Development Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) Project. The objective was to design, develop, and demonstrate visualization, alerting and optimization technology for USTRANSCOM fusion center planning. The tool allows planners to consider various COAs and make decisions based on identification of movement requirements through validation and movement planning.

RCAT provides situational awareness and decision support to mission planners through advanced cognitive based visualization technology, providing benefits within three generalized areas:

  • Comprehension: Enhances user comprehension of key strategic transportation operational concepts. With RCAT, functional users without appreciable strategic transportation experience can rapidly develop insight into the impact of controllable variables on transportation performance.
  • Communication: Complements user ability to communicate transportation enterprise performance enablers and constraints. It enables users to rapidly, effectively and collaboratively communicate the merits of different transportation solution options with supported customers.
  • COA Development and Exploration: Initial transportation COA development and exploration. With RCAT, Mission Planners can quickly explore a large number of potential COAs, evaluate candidate COAs individually, and compare multiple COAs on several primary decision factors. This leads to faster, better informed decisions on which COA to advance.

The RCAT prototype has developed into a tool that is part of the larger Analysis of Mobility Platform (AMP) program that provides modeling and simulation environments for performing transportation analyses and operational decision-support capabilities.

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