Transportation Infrastructure

 Transportation Infrastructure

​The SDDCTEA Infrastructure Branch performs transportation infrastructure capability assessments and engineering analysis worldwide primarily in support of the USTRANSCOM En Route Infrastructure Master Plan (ERIMP), Army Power Projection Program (AP3), and COCOM Theater Posture Plans (TPPs). The Infrastructure Branch also performs distinctive customer-defined analysis/studies on an as needed basis. Guidance and tools in support of the SDDC Installation Outload Capability Collection (IOCC) are also a branch responsibility.

Types of studies performed by the Infrastructure Branch (and available below) include:

  • CONUS Installation Air and Surface Deployment Studies
  • CONUS Depot Ammunition Deployment Studies
  • OCONUS Airfield and Seaport Capability Assessments

Note: See DOD Programs for National Defense for CONUS port, highway, and rail publications and studies. For the most current GIS-based infrastructure data, capability assessments, and studies, see IRRIS.

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