Defense Access Roads Program

 Defense Access Roads Program

The DAR Program provides the legal means for DOD to pay its fair share for public highway improvements that are made necessary by sudden or unusual defense-generated impacts. These impacts are such that DOD cannot reasonably expect State and local authorities to plan for them in their normal highway improvement programs. The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) is responsible for determining what highway improvements are eligible for the DAR Program. The Federal Highway Administration jointly administers the program with SDDC and connects DOD to the State and local authorities, who execute the projects. The DAR Program creates a mechanism for the projects to be funded by defense funding but there are no appropriated funds for the Program annually.  DAR project funding is the responsibility of the military services through their Military Construction Programs. The DAR Program provides the conduit for the MILCON funds to be spent by the State on behalf of DOD by certifying the public highway project as important to national defense.  DOD is then authorized to transfer funds to the Federal Highway Administration who with the DAR Program works with the State and/or County to execute the public highway project for DOD.

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Defense Access Roads

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