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Our Mission:  Improve the global deployability of U.S. Armed Forces by providing the Department of Defense (DoD) with transportation and transportability engineering, policy guidance, research, and analytical expertise to support the National Military Strategy.




​The SDDCTEA is pleased to announce the development of our new passive barrier systems. We have two designs, one for the FS30 P1 Modified Midwest Guardrail System and one for the M30 P1 Modified Midwest Guardrail System. If you should have any questions please email the Traffic Engineering Branch at: army.sddc.safb.traffic@mail.mil.

Download the Passive Barrier designs here


​The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Transportation Engineering Agency's Traffic Engineering Branch has updated the Active Vehicle Barrier (AVB) Safety Schemes. There is a new 7-second hybrid beacon AVB safety scheme, traffic control modifications to existing schemes, as well as multiple new drawings for AVBs located at intersections.

Download the updated Safety Schemes here

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