Pamphlet Description
Final FS30 P1 Modified MGS Passive Barrier_20180904
Modified Midwest Guardrail System - F30 P1 Passive Barrier System
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Final M30 P1 Modified MGS Passive Barrier_20180904
Modified Midwest Guardrail System - M30 P1 Passive Barrier System
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Pamphlet 55-15SDDCTEA_Pamphlet_55-15
The pamphlet 55-15 addresses ECFs regarding balance security, safety, and traffic flow. If the facility is not designed with suffi cient capacity, it will create extensive congestion and delays, waste time, increase transportation costs, and create safety concerns especially when traffic queues extend to public highways outside the facility. It is important to design an ECF to protect the guards, to provide sufficient time for the deployment of active vehicle barriers, to prevent unauthorized entry, to manage internal vehicle speeds, and to encourage motorist safety by applying accepted standards and by using
standard traffic control devices.
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SDDCTEA_Pamphlet_55-17 Addendum
An addendum to pamphlet 55-17: Final Uncontrolled Crosswalk Guidelines, 28 Aug 2017.
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Pamphlet 55-17SDDCTEA_Pamphlet_55-17
The pamphlet 55-17 addresses the traffic engineering areas of data collection and analysis, traffic operations, and transportation planning as they should be applied on military installations.
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SDDCTEA Pamphlet 55-8 CoverSDDCTEA_Pamphlet_55-8
Traffic Engineering Study Reference
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