OCONUS Highway

Unrestricted NATO Highway Movement Limits ​ ​
Limit Single Vehicle Combination
Length 472.8"​ 590"​
Width 96"​ ​96"
Height ​157.5" ​157.5"
Gross Vehicle Weight n/a​ ​n/a
Tandem Axle Load ​n/a ​35,280 lbs.

Unrestricted Movement

Maximizing the efficiency of international highway networks requires that vehicles and vehicular combinations be capable of unrestricted movement. This movement is possible if vehicles or vehicular combinations do not exceed legal size and weight limits imposed by the host nations.

Highway Permits

Vehicles and vehicular combinations that exceed the legal highway limits will require permits for highway transport. The difficulty in obtaining these permits depends on the amount that the legal permit is exceeded. Circuitous routing, resulting in transport delays, may be required as a condition of the permit.

Host nations own and control all the roads within their national boundaries. They might not issue a permit for reducible or divisible loads.

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