Highway Transport

 Highway Transport

​Highway is the most common transport mode. It is essential for both strategic and tactical deployment, as well as day-to-day operations. Military equipment usually is not located at its strategic deployment port of embarkation, such as ports or airfields. Highway transport can be used to reach these ports of embarkation especially if they are less than 400 miles from the origin of the deployment. For tactical deployment, this mode allows the item to be delivered as close as possible to the point where it is needed. This mode is also the most flexible of the surface transport modes.


  • Military Load Classification (MLC)
    • Each vehicle is assigned a military load classification (MLC) based on both empty and fully loaded weights. Unit commanders use vehicle MLC's to determine whether a route, especially bridges, is suitable for unit movement. The U.S. Army Engineer School, Doctrine Development Division has developed a MLC table for most common vehicles in the Army's inventory.  Should you require a copy of the MLC table, please send a request to usarmy.scott.sddc.mbx.tea-dep@mail.mil and we will be happy to forward a copy to you. 


  • Crew Weights
    • Since crew weight is considered part of the payload for light tactical vehicles (including the HMMWV family of vehicles), a materiel developer must plan accordingly to avoid overloading the vehicles. Historical and testing data indicates a direct relationship between vehicle weight and reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM).
      ​ ​Light Tactical Vehicle Crew Planning Weight
      ​Crew Personnel ​Crew Weight
      ​Single-soldier crew ​334 lbs.
      ​Two-soldier crew ​640 lbs.
      ​Three-soldier crew ​936 lbs.
      ​Four-soldier crew ​1220 lbs.
      ​ ​These figures include per person 20.72 lbs. of clothing 64.47 lbs. of equipment 32.53 lbs. of existence load. The weight variances for various sized crews reflect the reduced chances of several 95th percentile crew members in the same crew.

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