ERFO Program

Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads (ERFO) Program

Army, Navy, and Marine Corps installation roads and bridges, open to the public, that are damaged by natural disasters or catastrophic failures may be eligible for ERFO funds to help repair the damage. Examples of natural disasters include floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, tidal waves, severe storms, or landslides.

ERFO funding is authorized under Title 23: “Highways”, and is funded with Highway Trust Funds. The ERFO Program is administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) who determines program and funding eligibility. The combined damages for an individual disaster for all Federal agencies must exceed $700,000. SDDCTEA provides DOD oversight, policy guidance, and submits potential DOD projects to the FHWA. The military services or military installations must immediately notify SDDCTEA by telephone when they have roads damaged by a natural disaster or catastrophic failure. SDDCTEA will compile all DOD impacts and coordinate with FHWA who will determine disaster area eligibility. If determined to be an eligible ERFO disaster, SDDCTEA will guide the installation through the proper ERFO procedures for ERFO funding reimbursement.

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