Response Time

Requirement #5 - Give Adequate Time for Response

Right Lane Closed Ahead

All traffic control devices must be located to allow adequate time for motorists to read the message, react to the message, and accomplish the intended action.

Warning Distance

Warning distance is of paramount importance when the traffic control device identifies a STOP condition. Such applications include, but are not limited to, a STOP or YIELD controlled intersection, pedestrian crosswalk, railroad grade crossing, and signalized intersection. These traffic control devices should be continuously visible to approaching traffic at a sufficient distance for the driver to sight the object, brake, and then come to a safe stop. Where this minimum distance cannot be met, advance warning signs should be posted. The MUTCD Section 2, Table 2C-4 shows guidelines for advance placement of warning signs, and Section 6, Table 6C-1 for advance placement of warning signs in work zones.

Table 2c4

Table 6c-1

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