Crosswalk Markings

Crosswalk Markings

Generally, crosswalks should be marked based on the following guidelines:

  1. all signalized intersections with pedestrian signal heads;
  2. all locations where a school crossing guard is normally stationed to assist children in crossing the street;
  3. and all intersections and mid-block crossings satisfying minimum vehicle and pedestrian volume guidelines.

Crosswalks should be at least 6 feet wide and located at least 4 feet in the front of the stop bar. Crosswalk widths should be increased where pedestrian demand is high.


There are three different crosswalk marking types: longitudinal (top), diagonal (right), and continental (bottom), as shown in the figure below. Diagonal and continental are generally used when enhanced visibility is desired, but an area should use a consistent marking style.


For guidance regarding the placement and enhancement of a crosswalk, refer to the DOD-supplement to the MUTCD as written by SDDCTEA. Also, see the crosswalk warrant calculator of this BMTE.

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