LED Lamps

LED Lamps


LED (light-emitting diode) traffic signals represent a different technology than traditional incandescent signal bulbs.

LEDs offer several advantages over incandescent bulbs:

  • Seem brighter
  • Last longer without replacement
  • More efficient and durable
  • Energy cost is less to operate
  • Do not burn out, they become a failing light [i.e., LEDs often go out in parts, leaving part of the string of LEDs inside the traffic light operative and emitting lights], therefore the indication will not suddenly burn out.
  • Replacing bulbs costs money and the replacement process inhibits traffic flow
  • Safety of intersections is increased by fewer burned-out lights
  • Less burned-out related calls/reports

The primary disadvantage of LEDs is that since they do not produce heat, snow may not melt if it accumulates on the visors.

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