ECF Signing

ECF Signing

Sign Category Definition Letter or Symbol Color Shapes Sign Examples
Regulatory Inform drivers of traffic laws and regulations White, Black, Red Rectangular, Octagonal (STOP sign only), Triangular (YIELD sign only) Regulatory Signs
Warning When needed, to point out features of the ECF or its approach that are not readily visible or obvious

Warning signs should never be used as a substitute for a good ECF design

Black Diamond, Pentagon (school zone only), Circle (railroad crossing only), Rectangular Warning Signs
Guide Gives direction to destinations or points of interest White Rectangular Guide Signs

Regulatory, warning, and guide signs are all critical to properly direct a motorist through ECFs. As discussed in the BMTE Signs and Markings module, regulatory signs inform of traffic laws and regulations, warning signs are used to point out features of ECFs that are not readily apparent, and guide signs direct motorists to the installation.

In order to assist motorists who are unfamiliar with the location of an installation, proper guide signing on local roads should be provided. Provide signing for both visitors and trucks, particularly when there is more than one ECF. Operational hours or open/closed status can also be posted on this type of sign.

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