Id Check Area

Id Check Area

ID Check Area

The ID check is located in a median island or channelization island between traffic lanes. The area should provide guards with protection against the weather and potential threats. Guard booths are located on these islands. There may be up to two guard booths per lane for tandem processing. If only one booth is required, a second processing area without a booth should be provided for use during higher FPCONs or periods with increased traffic. Raised channelization islands are typically 10 feet wide by 75 feet long.

In general, design guard booths and ID Check Areas so that:

  • Guards can function freely and safely
  • The structure is on a curbed island
  • Platform surfaces are made with anti-skid properties
  • A minimum platform width of 3 feet is provided behind the curb

Design the guard booth and island with a "notched" step down area so that guards can process motorists at eye-level without bending over or stepping into traffic. The notched island should be designed to safely channelize traffic and drain properly.

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