ECFs must provide safety measures for security personnel as well as for motorists. Security personnel safety includes protection from attack and errant drivers.

Safety measures for motorists at ECFs include: adequate guidance and proper delineation, reflectorization, impact attenuators, lighting, signs and pavement markings.

ECFs placed too close to intersections raise concerns for motorist and pedestrian safety. ECFs near intersections increase the number of conflicts and the level of motorist confusion and may restrict sight distance. When ECFs are not built with sufficient capacity, unsafe queuing may develop, which is of particular concern on higher speed approaches.


Provide clear sight distance to ECFs so that motorists may come to a safe stop. If sufficient sight distance cannot be provided due to obstructions that cannot be removed, install a warning sign in advance of the ECF.

The gatehouse is the main indication to motorists of the presence of an ECF and should not be hidden behind trees, fences, large parked vehicles, or other obstructions.

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