Roadside Hazards

Roadside Hazard Mitigation

Option 1 Tree Hazard Remove the hazard.
Option 2 Relocate Relocate the hazard (outside the clear zone).
Option 3 reduce severity Reduce the impact severity (breakaway support).
Option 4 shield Shield the hazard with a traffic barrier (guardrail).
Option 5 delineate barrier Delinate the hazard with an object marker.

As the forgiving roadside concept supports a roadside design in which the serious consequences of run-off-the-road incidents are reduced, roadside design is an essential part of the transportation design process. There are generally five options from which to choose a safe design. In order of preference, these are: remove the obstacle or redesign it so it can be traversed safely; relocate the obstacle to a point where it is less likely to be struck; reduce impact severity by using an appropriate breakaway device; or shield the obstacle with a guardrail and/or crash cushion. Delineate the obstacle if the above alternatives cannot be achieved.

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